Blind Eyes to Slaughter of Christians

Blind Eyes to Slaughter of Christians

Christians are being subjected to a slow motion genocide in Nigeria - and the West's political and media elites are turning blind eyes to the horror. A new Christian martyr dies every two HOURS at the hands of murderous Islamist militias.

On Pentecost Sunday, June 5, terrorists stormed the St. Francis Catholic Church in Ondo and massacred about 50 Christians who were peacefully worshipping their God. Videos, according to one report, "showed church worshippers lying in pools of blood while people around them wailed." Western media presented the attack as a baffling aberration for Nigeria, arguing, as the AP did, that "It was not immediately clear who was behind the attack on the church." Not once did the AP even mention the words "Muslim," "Islam," or "Islamist," in their determined attempt to ignore the fact that Islamic terrorists have routinely stormed churches and slaughtered many Christians over the years in Nigeria — for instance here, here, and here.

On Sunday, June 19, exactly two weeks after the St. Francis Church attack, motorcycle-riding Muslims raided two other churches in Nigeria: the Maranatha Baptist Church and the St. Moses Catholic Church. According to one report,

"[T]hree worshippers were killed while several others were abducted when the attackers in large numbers swooped on the worship places.... [T]he terrorists shot indiscriminately as they approached the various churches, killing three while several others sustained injuries."

The Christians of Nigeria are, in fact, being purged in a genocide, according to several NGOs (such as here and here). Every two hours, one Christian there is killed every two hours. As a June 19 report notes, "Painfully, the attack on St. Francis Church was not the only one that jolted Christians in Nigeria. In fact, more than 100 worshippers were killed that week across the country." Among these hundred other Christians to be killed, the report cited the murder of 32 Nigerian Christians inside their church "a few days before" the St. Francis attack.

The report added:

"Heavily armed bandits, many of whom are said to be ethnic Fulanis, are waging their own form of Jihad; killing, abducting and terrorizing worship centers and educational institutions owned by churches as well as impoverished communities in the North and Middle Belt regions."

Such bandits and terrorists have further abducted or killed 35 pastors over the last 17 months. According to a June 26 report, as just one example, "bandits" gunned down and murdered a Catholic priest. The Biden administration's response to the jihadist onslaught against Christians in Nigeria — where 13 Christians are slaughtered every day — has been to remove Nigeria from the State Department's list of Countries of Particular Concern: nations that engage in, or tolerate, violations of religious freedom.