'Blue Terror'? Red Terror!

'Blue Terror'? Red Terror!

If Americans were tempted to believe the fuzzy Biden promise to 'heal the nation', they are already finding out that the real Democrat agenda is anything but. The anarcho-tyranny of selective prosecution is in full swing, with Capitol Hill 'insurrectionists' who broke a couple of windows facing long prison sentences even as BLM and Antifa rioters from last year get promotions in local government, the teaching profession, the media and all the other liberal 'professions'.

The Democrats and their “cultural Marxist” agenda dominate the academic world. They and their “cancel culture” offshoot dominate virtually all of the media. They hold the White House and both Houses of the Congress, where executive orders and legislation emphasizing “diversity” and “racial equity” are centerpieces. Six months of rioting, looting, arson, mayhem and murder afflicting hundreds of cities across the country are ignored, while a bizarre entry by a few score oddly assorted people into the Capitol has acquired the aura of the storming of the Bastille and the assault on the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg combined.

Tucker Carlson aptly characterized it as a declaration of war by the Democrat controlled government on (at least) half the country, and was appalled by it. He described it as a “dark fantasy,” but it is no fantasy: the worst mistake people targeted as enemies of the state can make is to believe the people who say that don’t really mean it. But these Democrats do, and have legislation in preparation writing that criminality into law to codify it.

Worse is to come. Ghoulish assaults on monuments and histories will be resumed. Confederate memorials and graves at National Military Parks will come under increasing pressure.Mount Rushmore should survive for a year or so, but watch out for 'private', but officially approved, efforts to do to this icon of american identity what the Taliban did to the statues of Buddha in Afghanistan. 

Moves are also under way to make the Democrat stranglehold on power perpetual. Legislation to grant statehood to the District of Columbia is on its way, and will be followed by statehood for Puerto Rico – giving the Democrats 4 more certain seats in the U.S. Senate and 3-5 others in the House of Representatives.

House Resolution 1 will prohibit states from requiring identification to register, vote, and cast mail-in ballots – essentially extending the fraud in a few states that gave them the 2020 election, to the country as a whole. With the coming tidal wave of immigration and amnesty for millions more already here, the Democrats can look to perhaps 30 million new voters. They ain't letting go! Ever!

Once their grip on power is complete, we will see the seriously misnamed 'Democrats' move from 'legal' repression of high profile opponents to naked suppression of the rights of ALL gun-owners, ALL Christians, ALL farmers, ALL independent businesses. That, of course, means ALL Americans. And when such moves spark isolated acts of violence (and that is all the resistance it is realistic to expect, given that the entire nation stood and did nothing as a Third World style coup d'etat was rolled out to remove the last freely elected President of the American Republic), they will be used to crush all opposition - and even potential opposition - with bloody ferocity.

This is not a prophesy, it is simply an account of what ALL leftist revolutions have always done, what they always do, and what they always will do. It is the nature of the Beast.

The coming Terror may still wear a blue party T-shirt at present. But it will be a Red Terror for all that. 

What is to be done? Stay calm. Stay within the law. Build organizations and strengthen communities. Get out of the cities and move close to like-minded people in homogeneous White areas. Find the right church and get involved there too. Protect the children in your family from the indoctrination and gender madness that is worsening by the day in schools, entertainment and the mainstream media. Grow your own food and look for sources of income that are not dependent on appointments in the gift or control of the criminals now running the giant prison camp which was once the United States of America. Get involved in local politics and resist the imposition of surveillance cameras on your community for as long as possible. Understand that you are now living in enemy occupied territory, and make up your mind that you will not let this grind you down. Because there will be a way back, but it's going to take a long time.