Boko Haram Kills Fifteen over Two Days in Borno State

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Boko Haram Kills Fifteen over Two Days in Borno State

Boko Haram terrorists conducted several attacks over two days in Borno State, Nigeria. In the first attack, Boko Haram attacked a military convoy on Saturday, November 21 between the towns of Jagiran and Monguno. During the attack, the terrorists killed six military members and injured an additional 26. Many are still missing after the attack.

The second attack was an ambush on the governor of Borno State. This attack took place the same day near the town of Baga. In the attack, nine members of the governor’s convoy were killed. Governor Bagana Zulum was traveling to Baga for a meeting with other government officials, but had to return to Maiduguri due to the attack. It is the third attack on the governor this year by the terrorist group.

Boko Haram continues to fight its insurgency in an attempt to create a Caliphate in Northern Nigeria. Despite an international coalition fighting against the group, it has been able to attack military and government bases, murder and kidnap civilians, and destroy religious locations. Its decade long insurgency has not been stopped and is unlikely to if the government in Nigeria is unable to end the recruitment of new personnel by the group.


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