Woke NHS guidance means BOYS as young as 12 might be asked if they are PREGNANT

Woke NHS guidance means BOYS as young as 12 might be asked if they are PREGNANT

Boys as young as 12 face being asked if they are pregnant in the latest woke language storm to engulf the NHS in England. 

A poster on the walls of a hospital in Scotland also refers to biological women and girls as 'people with internal reproductive organs'.

The poster at NHS Tayside says anyone aged between 12 and 55 should be asked if they are pregnant 'irrespective of gender' before undergoing examinations where they are exposed to radiation. 

A picture of the poster, uploaded to Twitter, reads: 'Irrespective of your gender you may be asked to complete a form about pregnancy before some examinations.

'It is our legal responsibility to establish whether there is a possibility of pregnancy before exposure to ionising radiation as a fetus (sic) is at a higher risk from the potential harmful effects.'

Such procedures can include X-ray scans for broken bones or fractures as well as CT scans for cancerous tissue. 

Medics usually don't recommend these types of scans for pregnant women, due to the danger the radiation exposure poses to the foetus, unless in an emergency. 

The poster makes no mention of women, girls or females of any kind in regard to the risk of undergoing a scan while pregnant.

Instead, it classifies these patients as 'people who have internal reproductive organs'.       

'Only people who have internal reproductive organs have the ability to become pregnant,' it reads. 

'We check this with each individual, and conduct a pregnancy check accordingly.'

NHS Tayside said the poster followed best practise guidelines but was being trialled at only a few sites before being rolled out across the organisation.