Brainwashing Softens UK Up for MORE Immigration

Brainwashing Softens UK Up for MORE Immigration

In yet another breach of faith with Britain's overwhelmingly anti-immigration voters, the Johnson regime is forcing through a special brainwashing programme in the Home Office. All workers at the government department - which deals with all immigration issues - are to face 'comprehensive' re-education on the history of migration and race in the UK. 


Setting out the plan to make a more 'compassionate' (i.e. even more pro-immigration) department, Home Secretary Priti Patel yesterday promised a full evaluation of the 'hostile environment' supposedly present up until now.

Ms Patel was forced to apologise in March after a major report, titled the Windrush Lessons Learned Review, concluded 'elements of institutional racism' were behind the Windrush scandal, in which the unfair treatment handed out to a small number of the first few hundred West Indian immigrants was used to demonise any resistance to continued mass immigration by millions. She said yesterday: 'I am driving change to implement the important findings of the Lessons Learned review to make sure nothing like this can happen again. 

Given that the Johnson regime has invited millions of Hong Kong Chinese to move to Britain, it seems likely that the re-education programme is mainly connected with ensuring that this latest phase of the Great Replacement of the indigenous British in their own homeland goes ahead without delays or hitches.