Breaking News: Mass Shooting in Holland

Breaking News: Mass Shooting in Holland

One person has died and a number of people injured in a shooting in the city of Utrecht in central Holland. One or several gunmen, 'who may have had a terrorist motive', opened fire on a tram in the city centre.


As of writing, the assailant or assailants have fled the scene and police have not made any arrests. The Dutch government has raised the terrorism threat level to the highest possible, and schools in the area are on lock down. 

Video footage from Utrecht today shows armed anti-terrorism police surrounding a building where the assailant is believed to be located. 

The official local Police Twitter said: "The culprit is still on the run. A terror motive cannot be excluded," and called on citizens to closely follow the indications of the local police.

Dutch military police have been ordered to be on 'extra alert' at Dutch airports and 'vital buildings' due to the ongoing police manhunt. 

The first casualty was reported by the Dutch ANP news agency, which stated that the victim was covered with a sheet and lying on the tracks between two carriages. There was no immediate official confirmation. 

Trauma helicopters were sent to the incident at 24 Oktoberplein, and they are appealing to the public to stay away to allow first responders to do their work.