Brexit - what happens next?

Brexit - what happens next?

The Remainers clearly think they are very clever, and indeed their exploitation of the fact that the Supreme Court is now packed with liberal elitists has been cynical, cunning and effective.
But they have also managed to secure a ruling which insults the Queen by implying that she is stupid, and which smashes a fundamental tenet of the British constitution by setting the Judiciary above the Executive.
It also makes a mockery of democracy by making the final arbiter of essentially political disputes a handful of elderly lawyers, rather than the people at the ballot box.

The first point rubs up against the quiet but intense loyalty of millions of Brits to the monarchy. The second tells them that their views will no longer be considered and that their votes are irrelevant.

By waiting until the Remainers won such a court victory, Boris Johnson has missed his chance of using the Civil Contingencies Act to call a general election.
So Parliament will sit again tomorrow. The Government has no majority. It cannot call a general election. The Speaker is effectively the leader of the opposition - now probably the most hated man in the country.

The situation is now so uncertain and unstable that it is no longer even possible, let alone useful, to speculate on possible ways out of the shambles created by the political elite's refusal to keep its collective pledge to obey and implement the decision of the sovereign people.

The only thing clear at present is that every new Remainer ruse only has the effect of cementing the Leavers into a united and bitterly angry block.

If there is one thing that could finally make England's silent majority, her "secret people" speak, it is this.