Britain and Gender Identity Part 1

Britain and Gender Identity Part 1

Since 2009, the number of children referred to the UK’s Gender Identity Clinic has risen from 97 to 2,519 – a staggering 2,500% increase.

Children as young as four are being encouraged to present themselves as the opposite sex, and are becoming confused like never before. Who or what is driving this?

A significant influence behind the spread of the transgender ideology is Mermaids – a highly controversial lobby group who have recently been exposed as spreading misinformation about the science beheind transgenderism and schools’ responsibilities under the Equality Act.

A secret recording of a training session conducted by Mermaids who had been invited into a primary school, revealed that what is being taught to both children and adults has no foundation in science and no foundation in law. 

The recording also demonstrated the bullying tactics used by Mermaids’ staff to silence intelligent, reasonable questioning of their ideological position by governors and others (including parents).

Mermaids recently received a £50,000 grant from the National Lottery and also receives funding from the BBC’s Children in Need.

In their peddling of misinformation, Mermaids are shirking their responsibiity to the public and to the children they are supposed to be helping. Their concduct raises very serious concerns about safeguarding.

The reality is that up to 98% of children experiencing gender confusion find these feelings naturally resolve and become reconciled with their birth sex during or after the onset of puberty.

The number of children confused about their gender and wanting to seek treatment is escalating. Mermaids affirms the belief that children may be born in the wrong body and encourages them and their parents to seek medical treatment with scare stories and misleading figures about the rates of suicide.

Christian Concern have set up this petition to ask the Education Secretary to remove Mermaids from primary schools and also to conduct a review into their  funding. It’s time to stop this radical group from spreading misinformation that could lead to potentially harmful treatments from being given to very young children!

Particularly revealing is the subtle method of correcting people who refuse to cave into transgender ideology by ‘sharing information’ with them:

“A useful tip is, if you hear someone say something wrong, and you will, you can say, we had training on that recently and I found that blah blah blah. People don’t mind you sharing information.”

The staff are told that there are “more and more local LGBT groups from 9 to 13 years of age for schools.” In other words, it would be a really good idea to have a LGBT group in your primary school. However, they are also told not to call it that but to call it a ‘Year 6 Diversity Club.’

“You are all now honourary mermaids – whether you want to be or not”

Then the speaker makes a very chilling statement:

“and then be a Mermaid. You are all now honourary mermaids – whether you want to be or not.”

Following news that a vicar has resigned as governor of a Church of England primary school after they imposed transgender ideology on staff and pupils, Carys Moseley unpicks the transgender training that was given and shows how it deliberately misleads and indoctrinates.

Last month, teachers at a Church of England primary school in Essex attended a two-hour training session on transgender issues run by Mermaids, the transgender charity and campaign group. We were sent a recording of the session made by a concerned Christian governor. This is the first time that recorded evidence of transgenderpropaganda training for school teachers has surfaced. Below is a partial transcript and analysis of the session and its implications.

Who are ‘Mermaids’?

Mermaids is a registered charity dealing with children and young people with transgender issues. It was founded in 1995 and is part of the LGBT+ Consortium. The Mermaids speaker running the training session says that they helped develop the LGBT lesson plans in the curriculum for England according to the framework provided by Ofsted.

Junk science and fake facts

The session starts with a description of human beings according to transgender ideology. Discussing the idea that some people are ‘born in the wrong body’, the speaker claims that the male-female dichotomy originates with our culture, meaning Western culture.

“We put our binary mindset that is our culture onto that [newborn] child.”

Central to this is the claim often repeated by the speaker that ‘gender is a spectrum’, i.e. that human beings are not all exclusively male or female. The speaker compares this to the colour spectrum which is found in nature, then by that analogy, argues that because we humans are also in nature, the idea that gender is a spectrum is natural. This is a way of introducing the concept that transgender identity is a ‘natural variant’ occurring across the world.

Early on, the speaker refers to “someone who is expecting [a baby],” not ‘a pregnant mother’, thus erasing the fundamentally biological female nature of pregnancy and motherhood.

Finally, the speaker refers to many different combinations of chromosomes to illustrate the claim that gender and sex are on a spectrum. She claims that the “male and female physical boxes contain spectrums.”