Britain Goes To The Polls – Here’s What to Do!

Britain Goes To The Polls – Here’s What to Do!

The political elite shamelessly robbed the British people of their democratic Brexit. But today is PAYBACK DAY!

This is no longer about political manifestos. It’s not even just about Brexit any more. It’s about giving a corrupt, out-of-touch, self-serving, arrogant elite the political kicking we all know they deserve!

So, whatever you think of Nigel Farage, if you’re a British voter then you’ve got to vote for him and his Brexit Party today. It doesn’t matter whether you do so with a broad smile or through gritted teeth while holding your nose. Just do it!

For the last few weeks, the liberal elite’s brainwashed street thugs, aided and abetted by the media and the police, have been attempting to terrorise anyone and everyone who dare in any war to stand up against their ‘Project’. These attacks may be on Nigel Farage, Tommy Robinson and other individuals, but in reality we are ALL the targets of this disgusting bullying. So today is our chance to turn the tables!

Despite our long-held view that the elite will refuse to deliver Brexit as instructed (clearly, thus far, we have been right all along, there is now a chance that today’s Tory electoral meltdown will spark a political crisis that could just – just – still deliver Brexit effectively by accident.

And, whether that happens or not, today will go down in history as a day of utter disaster for the globalist elite. Be part of it!