Burqas Worn In Weird Failed Theft

Burqas Worn In Weird Failed Theft

Not even the wave of PC censorship of social media could stop THIS going viral! This is the bizarre moment two women in full traditional Muslim dress are confronted in an apparent failed bid to steal a stack of baby formula from Asda.

Shoppers can’t believe their eyes as the women appear to pull a hoard of items out from under their black robes in Dagenham, East London.

Footage shows one of the women lifting her dress to show her bra and knickers to prove she had not hidden anything else.

Surrounded by staff,  the women appear to pull out tubs of baby formula from under their dresses at around 7.30pm on Sunday.

After leaving a pile of around 20 products on the ground, one woman lifts up her garment revealing just her belly and underwear to prove she is hiding no more goods.

The Asda workers try cover their eyes and turn away as the woman walks towards the exit whilst holding up her black dress.

As the bizarre incident unfolds, a shopper can be heard saying: “what the f***.”

He is heard saying to the woman as she leaves: “You’re not even Muslim, look at these lot. Take that off [the dress] as well, bl***y hell man.”

Another astonished witness can be heard saying: “Oh my God.”

Some have since claimed the women were pretending to be Muslim to carry out the con.

It is unclear if they were Muslim, or if they were using the robes as part of the attempted theft.


An Asda spokesman told the Sun Online: ‘’We do not tolerate any form of shoplifting and work hard to deter shoplifters from our stores.

“All cases of attempted theft are taken seriously and we always work closely with the local police force in the communities we serve.

“We are in contact with police about this incident and would like to thank colleagues at our Dagenham store for their quick intervention and response in this case.”

The video was quickly posted and shared across social media yesterday.

Local Steve Thorogood captioned his post: “Look at this thieving toe rag at Dagenham Asda disguised as a Muslim.”

The video has been shared across social media and has shocked many in the comments.

Helena Phillips said: “Some people have no shame.”