The Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy has massive support, but the mainstream media is ignoring it

The Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy has massive support, but the mainstream media is ignoring it

Despite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s dismissive statements about the “Freedom Convoy” flooding the nation’s capital right now, the protest may be on track to be the largest convoy in world history.

With miles upon miles of trucks and their supporters now arriving in Ottawa, from the north, south, east, and west, it is clear that Trudeau was wrong to imply that those opposed to the coercive COVID mandates are merely a “fringe minority” with “unacceptable views.”

While the true number of protestors is currently unknown, organizers and supporters have estimated that as many as 50,000 trucks may be arriving in the capital this weekend, with videos from last night already showing a firework-laden sky as trucks formed a gridlock in Ottawa’s downtown core.

The remainder of the convoys were expected to arrive in Ottawa by yesterday afternoon, with some estimates putting the total number of protestors, including truckers and their supporters, at over half a million.

Despite the massive support by Canadians, which includes thousands of people in cities and towns across the nation showing up on the side of highways to cheer on the truckers headed to Ottawa, the government and the establishment media have taken a decidedly anti-convoy stance, attempting to label the freedom fighters as “extremist.”

According to Rebel News front-man Ezra Levant, the government has even turned off the “Centennial Flame” on Parliament Hill, a natural gas heat source that runs in the winter that incidentally can be used to keep those visiting the capital warm during Canada’s frigid winters.

“The natural gas flame has been turned off,” reported Levant, showing that the normally lit area is indeed, extinguished. “They turned off the Centennial Flame, some might suggest, and I think I’d be one of them, because it is keeping people warm when it’s -20 [degrees Celsius] here.”

Levant said that this type of “pettiness” is common from the Trudeau administration, and that there have even been reports that many of the cameras used to display traffic on the highway have been disabled, to prevent people from seeing the sheer size of the convoys.

After Trudeau insisted that the protestors do not represent Canada in any substantial fashion, the triple-vaccinated prime minister went into “isolation” due to an apparent exposure to COVID, despite having no symptoms and having tested negative. Due to the convenient timing of his need to isolate, many have questioned whether or not what he is saying is true.

“I think what he means is he’s scared of the truckers and has gone into hiding,” commented ethics professor Dr. Julie Ponesse.

“Triple-vaccinated, not sick, feels fine, tests negative for the COVID virus, conveniently retreats home for the duration of a large protest in Ottawa against his policies,” mocked Ontario lawyer Ryan O’Connor.

While the establishment Canadian media has shown no support for the convoy, many prominent figures from around the world have expressed admiration and awe at the movement underway in Canada, including Donald Trump Jr, comedian Russel Brand, FoxNews host Tucker Carlson, and billionaire Elon Musk.