Woke Health chiefs seek 'candidates who identify as female' for director of operations role

Woke Health chiefs seek 'candidates who identify as female' for director of operations role

The NHS in England has shown itself as sexist and woke after advertising for a senior role in which the candidate preferably 'identifies as female'.

Barts Health NHS Trust in London is hiring a director of operations that will be paid an annual salary of around £100,000.

Their duties will be to ensure 'safe, high quality and efficient delivery of the day-to-day operational management' of England's largest trust. 

A job ad posted on LinkedIn and the NHS recruitment site says: 'We are particularly interested in receiving applications from candidates who identify as female.'

The job ad — first posted online on August 15 — also says candidates from ethnic minority backgrounds are 'particularly welcomed' to apply, because 'they are underrepresented within Barts Health at a senior management level.'

A spokesperson for Barts Health said the ad's wording was intentional after a previous version did not attract enough female candidates.

'This is a repeat advert to broaden the pool of shortlisted candidates for an important role in a hospital leadership team where unfortunately women are currently under-represented,' they said.  

The spokesperson added the trust was committed to improving diversity in its staff and that men were still welcome to apply for the job, with some already shortlisted. 

It is the latest woke row to hit the NHS. Earlier this month it was revealed that NHS-backed guidance on periods had omitted the terms 'women' and 'girls'.

Instead the guidance, published on a website called ‘Bloody Brilliant’, which cost taxpayers £84,000 and was set up by the Welsh Government, used terms like 'people who bleed' and 'half of the population'.