Champagne and the Attack On Tradition

Champagne and the Attack On Tradition

Another domino falls in the creeping Islamisation of Britain. And, once again, it is the Politically Correct leftists who have taken over our institutions who are to blame, rather than ordinary Muslims.


The Football Association are to scrap the tradition of awarding a case of champagne to the FA Cup winners. They say this is “out of respect for players’ religious beliefs”, but not one single Muslim player or fan has ever objected. Indeed, there have not been any complaints at all.

English football’s governing body have a long held tradition of placing a case of bubbly in the winning dressing room on cup final day as a congratulatory gesture to the victors.

But following internal discussions the FA are abandoning the idea so not to offend players whose religious beliefs forbid alcohol use.

It is not yet clear how long before the singing of the lovely Christian hymn, Abide With Me, is also stopped. But, when it too is outlawed, you can bet that the feelings of Muslims will once again be the excuse.

Such moves not only help rip up the cultural roots of the old Britain; they also create tensions between different religious and ethnic groups, and they also give dangerous extra confidence to the Islamist fanatics who do believe that their Allah wants to see the West Islamised.

They see the surrender of Western Elites, and conclude that they are going to win, and turn to violence all the more readily in the hope of speeding the process up even more.