Father pleads with his ex-wife NOT to chemically castrate their son, 9

Father pleads with his ex-wife NOT to chemically castrate their son, 9

A desperate father has been pleading with his ex wife to not 'chemically castrate' their son after she moved to California from Texas. 

Jeff Younger, of Texas, revealed a video of his child, James, nine, claiming he's a girl on Tucker Carlson Tonight. When asked if he was a boy, James told his dad in the video: 'No, I'm a girl.' 

In the video, which is several years old, the young boy claimed his mother, who is a pediatrician, told him he was female because he 'loved girls' and would dress him up in 'dresses.'

Younger claims his ex-wife, Dr. Anne Georgulas, planned to 'chemically castrate' their son by the age of nine, his current age. He claims she moved to California to seek gender treatment for their son.

A court has previously ruled Georgulas cannot seek 'transitioning' treatment of their son and she has 'freely acknowledged' the order. The Supreme Court of Texas ruled in December that she 'lacks the legal authority to consent to such therapy'.

Chemical castration refers to the use of chemicals or drugs to stop sex hormone production. Medications commonly known as 'puberty blockers' are increasingly used on minors with gender dysphoria, and there is no federal age limit on who can be prescribed them. 

'My blood ran cold when I realized what she had planned for that boy,' Younger told Carlson. 

He claims the boy's mother 'started transitioning him when he was two' and 'tried to enroll him in a gender clinic when he was five'

Younger said doesn't think the mother's relocation to California is 'an accident'.

In 2019, Younger was granted joint custody of their children, which included a say in medical decisions related to the child, including treatment regarding gender transition.

In 2021, a judge gave Georgulas full custody over James, including his medical care. But that ruling said the control did not extend to extend to hormone-suppression therapy, puberty blockers, or transgender reassignment surgery. Permission for any of those treatments must also be obtained from the boy's father, the ruling said. 

The ruling noted that full custody was given to the mother in part because Younger 'failed to timely make the payments of child support, medical support and interest as ordered and only paid his past due support after the motion for enforcement was filed'.  

Younger recently asked the Texas Supreme Court to ban the mother from relocating to California over fears she would be table to take advantage of the new sanctuary law, but judges threw out his claim.

The Texas Supreme Court said: 'Under an existing Texas court order that Mother agreed to and that Mother acknowledges is binding on her, Mother lacks the legal right to consent to gender-transition therapy for her son.

'This legal disability is just as real in California as it is in Texas, and Mother readily acknowledges this as well.'

It added that the court order in Texas which would prevent Georgulas from getting gender-transition therapy for her son without Younger's permission remain in effect nationwide. 

The court said: 'The only court to have acted so far has preserved Father’s right to withhold consent to gender-transition therapy for his son. That right is enforceable in California, where Mother lacks the legal authority to consent to such therapy for the child, both before and after SB 107 [the sanctuary law].'

California's sanctuary law protects transgender children and their families who flee from 'Alabama, Texas, Idaho or any other state criminalizing the parents of trans kids for allowing them to receive gender-affirming care'.

'If these parents and their kids come to California, the legislation will help protect them from having their kids taken away from them or from being criminally prosecuted for supporting their trans kids’ access to healthcare,' State Senator Scott Weiner said in a statement. 

The sanctuary law went into effect on January 1, 2023. 

Younger also claimed the child's school district 'tried to secretly transition' James and forced the father to dress his son in girl's clothes. 

'I'd bring my son to school in boy's clothes and they'd give him a dress and make him use the girls' restroom,' the father-of-two claimed on Carlson's show. 

Georgulas had the boy registered in school as a girl, according to Younger. 

Georgulas, who is a pediatrician, had long argued that James is transgender and wanted her child to transition to a girl named Luna.

Her ex-husband, however, did not believe James has gender dysphoria and that his child was just experiencing some confusion with gender.

He accused Georgulas of forcing James to socially transition into a girl by making the child wear dresses. However, she claimed three mental health professionals had diagnosed James with gender dysphoria and that therapists had recommended they start using the name Luna instead of James.

Georgulas and Younger married back in 2010 when they were members of the Orthodox Church.

They went through IVF to have twins and requested their gender be male before they were born in 2012.

The couple's marriage was annulled several years ago over claims Younger had lied to Georgulas about a previous marriage and his employment.

Arguments over their child's gender began when Georgulas took James to see a gender therapist at the Children's Hospital Center.

She claims she had noticed James requesting girl-themed toys, that the child was imitating female Disney characters and had been asking to wear dresses.

The therapist recommended James start social transitioning by wearing dresses to school and going by the name Luna.