Record 2,000 children referred to NHS mental health services EVERY day

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Record 2,000 children referred to NHS mental health services EVERY day

More than 2,000 children a day are being referred to NHS mental health services – twice the number as before the plandemic.

A record 190,000 under-18s were referred for treatment and support in the three months from April to June, figures show.

In 2019 the figure was 97,342 and last year it fell to 81,170 as many put off seeking support during lockdown.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCP) said the data lays bare how ‘children and young people are suffering terribly’ due to the toll of lockdown and school closures.

There has also been a sharp jump in the numbers needing crisis care following an overdose, self-harm or other emergency.

From April to June 8,552 children needed emergency care, up from 5,219 in 2019.

Experts said services risk being overwhelmed by children with depression, anxiety and eating disorders.

The RCP found about 340,694 children are now in contact with mental health services in England, up from 225,480 in June 2019. 


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