The principles of Chivalry and traditional values been largely forgotten in decadent and subverted modern society. They need to be restored. It is the responsibility of all Templar Knights and Dames to represent chivalric values in their own lives, leading by example, to promote and advance our principles for the common weal.


The “Code of Chivalry” is the iconic code of conduct which was made famous by the medieval institution of knighthood. The essence of Chivalry involved bravery, skilled training, and dedication in service to others.

The French historian and archivist Emile Leon Gautier (1832-1897 AD) diligently reconstructed the authentic Code of Chivalry from the historical record, recreating the original 11th century “ancient code of chivalry.” We have in turn further developed this ground-breaking work into a Templar Code for the 21st Century. Ancient ideals for the challenges of the future!

The Ten Pillars of Modern Templar Chivalry:

Believe in the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, and apply them in daily life

Defend traditional Christianity, cleaving to your own confession but respecting that of others

Respect and defend the weak against abuses by the strong

Love the people and sovereignty of your country, for they are ordained by God

Do not be a coward, face the enemy, and use direct force

Fight the enemies of good relentlessly and without mercy

Perform all secular duties under the higher Laws of God

Never lie nor breach your word, be reliable for friend or foe

Give generously and wholeheartedly, striving to make a difference for the better

Always uphold right and good, against all evil and injustice

In a very real, practical and meaningful way, values are the “pillars of civilisation”. With the ‘modern’ West infected with various virulent strains of atomised and selfish individualism, cynical and ugly anti-idealism, and subverted by the worship of False Gods – from Allah to Money and on to Satan – there was never a time when a revival of the true Christian values of the original fighting Templars has been more urgently needed than today!

So join together with us and help to write a glorious new chapter in the long and illustrious history of the Knights Templar!