College’s bid to halt pro-LGBT discrimination lawsuit rejected by Supreme Court

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College’s bid to halt pro-LGBT discrimination lawsuit rejected by Supreme Court

An appeal by Christian College to prevent legal action from a former professor has been rejected by the Supreme Court.

Margaret DeWeese-Boyd claims she was overlooked for a promotion at Gordon College in Massachusetts because of her pro-LGBT support.

She tried to sue in 2017.

The college had tried to get her claim thrown out by using a legal exception which is given to church leaders.

Her lawsuit argued that Gordon committed 'associational and gender discrimination' in violation of the state’s Civil Rights Act, as well as breaching the 'implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.'

As part of its defense, Gordon invoked the ministerial exception, a legal principle that prevents governments from imposing anti-discrimination laws on religious institutions and their ministerial employees.

A statement authored by Justice Samuel Alito was included in the orders list, respecting the decision to deny the appeal.

Alito was joined by Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett.

Alito said he accepted the denial of the petition in part because the case will continue through the litigation process, noting that ‘the preliminary posture of the litigation would complicate our review.’


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