Two Christian women face death penalty in Pakistan

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Two Christian women face death penalty in Pakistan

Two Christian woman are facing the death penalty in Pakistan for removing a sticker with a verse from the Koran from a Muslim colleague's locker they were asked to clean. 

The women told police they had been asked to tidy the locker of the head nurse and they had scratched off the sticker containing the holy text with a pen.

Riots broke out after a mob gathered at the District Headquarters Hospital in Faisalabad demanding nurses Maryam Lal and Newsh Urooj be hanged after the pair were accused of blasphemy.

During the riots Lal was reportedly stabbed by a fellow hospital worker and police were forced to intervene to rescue the two women as the mob tried to kill them. 

After rescuing the women, the police confirmed an investigation had been launched into the incident and the pair had remanded for 15 days.  

Pakistan has strict blasphemy laws which carry a death penalty for people who insult the Prophet Muhammad, Islam, the Quran or certain holy people.

In February, another Christian nurse, Tabitha Nazir Gill, 30, was reportedly tied up and tortured by a mob at the Sobhraj Maternity Hospital in Karachi after she was falsely accused of blasphemy. 


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