Christian doctor SACKED by UK Government for refusing to identify patients by their preferred gender because he knows sex is established at birth

A brave, common sense doctor has been fired from a top government role for the ‘crime’ of maintaining that gender is determined at birth. The outrageous decision shows yet again that what poses as a ‘conservative’ government is actually a gang of escapees from a PC lunatic asylum!

Dr David Mackereth, 55, who has worked as an NHS doctor for 26 years, was deemed to be ‘unfit to work’ after he said he would refuse to identify patients by their ‘preferred gender’.

The senior doctor was set to become a disability assessor for the Department for Work and Pensions claims a person’s gender is biological and said his right to freedom of speech had been denied.

The medic, from Dudley in the West Midlands, fears other ‘professional people of faith’ could lose their jobs simply for holding opinions about gender that are ‘centuries old’.

Dr David Mackareth was denied a position at the Department for Work and Pensions over his beliefs

Christian Dr Mackereth, say it is his religious belief. The medic who spent most of his career in Accident & Emergency wards, said: ‘I’m not attacking the transgender movement but I am defending my right to freedom of speech, and freedom of belief.

‘I don’t think I should be compelled to use a specific pronoun. I am not setting out to upset anyone. But if upsetting someone can lead to doctors being sacked then, as a society, we have to examine where we are going.’ Dr Mackereth, a Reformed Baptist, started training in May to become a health and disability assessor for the government department.

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