Bodies of Christian martyrs piled high on truck after massacre in Nigeria

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Bodies of Christian martyrs piled high on truck after massacre in Nigeria

Over 50 Christians were killed in two villages almost 100 miles south of Kaduna City on Sunday by Fulani Islamists. An additional five people are in hospital, and three are missing. 

30 of the victims from Sunday’s massacre in the state of Kaduna have now been buried. 

Speaking under anonymity to, a Catholic priest familiar with the now devastated villages of Madamai and Abun described the horrific event as a two-hour “massacre against the natives.” During the mass killing, 13 members of the same family were murdered and 20 houses burned. 

“The Herdsmen (Fulani Islamists) came in large numbers and began shooting at anything on sight,” the priest said. 

“As [of] this morning (Monday) we have counted 30 dead bodies, mostly women and children. Three [are] still missing while five are receiving treatment in the hospital,” he continued. 

“When [the assassins] came in, they first went to houses of people they know usually help in coordinating local security in the communities and killed them alongside their families before proceeding to other areas.” 

“The attackers obviously had a prior knowledge of who … to kill before coming.” 

An average of 17 Christians are killed every day in Nigeria by Islamic terrorists. At least 3,462 Christians, including ten priests or pastors, were murdered in that country in the first 200 days of 2021. 


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