Over 50 Christians attacked in India

Over 50 Christians attacked in India

A group of Christians have been beaten as they gathered for Sunday worship in Polmi village in India's Chhattisgarh state. 

The attack was reported by CSW who said approximately 60 Christians were gathered in the church when a mob "of between 150 and 200 armed religious fundamentalists from the nearby village of Bhejgar barged in at around 10am on 29th August shouting Hindu chants of 'Jai Shri Ram' (Translation: "Long Live Shri Ram")."

Women and children were among those attacked.

CSW sources report that some of the women had their saris ripped off and their hair pulled, while the men were beaten with sticks and the altar and musical instruments were broken.

The mob also tore a Bible from the pulpit and trampled it under their feet, and they placed Hindu idols inside the church and worshipped them. It was also reported that when some of the women stood up to the attackers and questioned the reason for the vandalism, they were told that 'since they were born in India, they had to remain Hindus and worship Hindu deities.'  

The Christians registered a First Information Report (FIR), which is required for the police to open up an investigation, but some members of the mob pretended to be victims and reached a settlement on their behalf, resulting in the FIR being withdrawn, according to CSW.

The church in Polmi has been used as a place of worship for almost 20 years.