Christians Push Right to Refuse Covid Vaccine

Christians Push Right to Refuse Covid Vaccine

A coalition of Christian medical groups is urging the Powers That Be to respect conscience rights regarding vaccination for COVID-19. 

The Catholic Medical Association; the National Association of Catholic Nurses, U.S.A.; the American College of Pediatricians; and the Christian Medical and Dental Association issued a "Joint Statement on Vaccines and Conscience Protection” on March 2nd. The signers insist that governments must respect the right of citizens to refuse a vaccine. 

 “If a vaccine has been developed, tested, or produced with technology that an individual deems morally unacceptable, such as the use of abortion-derived fetal cell lines, vaccine refusal is morally acceptable,” the statement asserts.  

“An individual’s decision to be vaccinated will also depend upon their personal assessment of the medical risks, a choice that should be respected. The decision not to be vaccinated must be accompanied by a commitment to take necessary precautions to lessen disease transmission.” 

The group also noted the unprecedented “limitations in personal freedoms” imposed by governments during the least deadly 'pandemic' in human history. While sympathetic to the need to protect the vulnerable from the disease, the group is wary of “threats to individual liberties.” 

Of particular concern is the threat of forced vaccination.   

“It is fundamental that the right of individual conscience be preserved," the medical professionals maintain.