Christians Slam EU Culture of Death

Christians Slam EU Culture of Death

European Christians are rallying to oppose efforts by the EU to impose abortion-on-demand on the already demographically shrinking nations of eastern Europe. Since EU liberals and leftists passed the Matić Report last week, pro-life spokesmen are uniting to challenge what they describe as the EU's 'Culture of Death'.

Among those speaking out are the Knights Templar's Hungarian Grand Prior, Dr. Imre Téglásy. Our brother is also President of pro-life campaign group Human Rights International in Hungary.

Dr. Téglásy: 

The EU report — led by godless liberals — is a poison to the health of Christian Europe. Many men are ready to fight the anti-life forces. We will resist with all our might. As soldiers of Christ, we will fight for our religion, nation and family in the age of these modern Herods.

Poland's archbishop, Stanisław Gądecki, joined Dr. Téglásy in criticising the EU's push for child-murder, tweeting: "The Culture of Life envisaged by the founding fathers of the EU is turning into a Culture of Death."

The resolution clearly reveals the death wish elites in Brussels have for the future of their continent and their children. They are trying to force their monstrous, anti-human agenda on the whole continent. The European Centre for Law and Justice, an NGO based in Strasbourg, France, said the report's supporters were seeking "to introduce a new norm without it appearing at first sight to be imposed."