Civil servants told you can't define 'woman'

Civil servants told you can't define 'woman'

Civil servants are being told that it is impossible to define a 'woman' in equality training

The video provided by A:gender also says the definition 'adult human female' can be transphobic.

The leader of the course that the trans support network provided to civil servants also says in the video that 'transphobia is increasingly presented as feminism' in a possible veiled criticism of Harry Potter author JK Rowling.

The presenter, who identified as intersex, said that sex is randomly assigned at birth but gender identity has a 'biological component' and used the controversial genderbread person to illustrate their point.

They also claimed that transphobic hate crime has risen 100 per cent in the past nine years.

They claimed the phrase 'adult human female' has been adopted by a 'prominent anti-trans organisation and instructed staff: 'When you hear something is transphobic, you might not recognise it is transphobic so you should ask your trans colleagues.'