Migrants CLASH with people smugglers in France

Migrants CLASH with people smugglers in France

Six migrants have been injured in the latest wave of violence in northern France, as people smugglers clashed with migrants trying to force their way onto small boats without paying.

The latest violence erupted on a beach near Dunkirk, and resulted in at least two of the migrants being stabbed multiple times.

The incident at Oye-Plage was followed by more violence in the same area just a short time later, when police came under attack from a large group of migrants who threw stones, bottles and other missiles at the officers.

A security source said the situation in northern France was “becoming extremely dangerous for French law enforcement and for migrants.”

It follows an incident last week in which a migrant was stabbed to death in the makeshift camp at Loon-Plage, near Dunkirk.

The source said that much of the violence is being fuelled by those attempting to force their way onto small boats without paying people smugglers.

He added: “What we’re seeing is an increasing number of migrants, mainly Africans, who simply don’t have the funds to pay the criminal gangs.

“So they go to the small boat launch sites and attempt to rush the dinghies as they take to the water

“But then they come across the people smugglers, who are usually armed, and the gangs mete out their own form of brutal justice.”

In the latest incident at Oye-Plage at 20-year-old Sudanese man and a 24-year-old Sudanese woman suffered multiple stab injuries.

They were treated by local paramedics and transported to hospital.

In addition, another four migrants suffered minor injuries. Three of them were transferred to hospital for treatment.

The Saint-Omer public prosecutor’s office said they were investigating the latest violence.