Clashes as Soros Leftists Target Polish Churches

Clashes as Soros Leftists Target Polish Churches

The're very bold when screaming abuse at lone priests, but the mobs of Soros-backed students and paid agitators (pictured above - note the Communist clenched fist salutes) turning up to vandalise Catholic churches in Poland are much less eager to tangle with the well-disciplined nationalist activists and football fans answering the call to "Defend Your Local Church". 


Demonstrations have broken out in cities across Poland since the nation’s Constitutional Tribunal judged last Thursday that eugenic abortion violated the Polish constitution. Encouraged by a Soros-funded pro-abortion organisation called  “Strajk Kobiet” (“Women’s Strike”) and led by activists Marta Lempart and Natalia Pancewicz, the protesters have been vandalising Catholic churches and monuments sacred to patriotic Poles and interrupting Masses.  

But the leftist mobs are are increasingly finding the churches guarded by devoutly Catholic and/or patriotic men. Yesterday the official security guards of the annual Polish Independence Day March prevented a large crowd from defacing Saint Alexander’s Church in Warsaw’s Three Crosses Square.  

"Defend your local church" a Polish poster reads.

Now the nation’s young football (soccer) fans have decided to help protect the churches against the far-left radicals. A film of pro-abortion protesters running away from Poznan’s Archbasilica of Saints Peter and Paul shows a group of  “Lech Poznań” football fans taking charge of the area. First built in the latter half of the 10th century, the Archbasilica is the oldest cathedral in Poland. 

According to, a Polish online news magazine, football fans from Szczecin, Częstochowa, Gdańsk, Chełm, Jasło, Andrychów, Ząbki, and Chełmża have all been protecting churches. Fans of Pogon Szczecin, a member of the highest tier Polish football division, wrote on their website, “We will not accept the desecration of memorials, murals, or churches. This will not help you in your fight: it can only be counter-productive, as for many Poles, including your relations, they are important symbols of life.”

Last night saw a new twist in events, as coachloads of left-wingers were bussed in for hit-and-run attacks on small groups of church defenders at isolated sites. Pictures are circulating of young patriots with nasty head wounds inflicted with iron bars, and the nationalists are organising to up their game against the left's paramilitary attacks. 

There are also reports that the left are now bussing in German Antifa thugs from Berlin. If this becomes a regular occurrence, it is likely to turn almost the entire country against the pro-abortion activists, since the invasion of Poland by aggressive politically-motivated Germans will touch a very deep and raw nerve with many millions of Poles.