Climate Change Hoax - “Tax Meat Off Their Plates!”

Climate Change Hoax - “Tax Meat Off Their Plates!”

The anti-human left are stepping up their efforts to use the very profitable (for the elite!) climate change hoax to push their warped agenda. Officials in Sweden and Germany are discussing imposing a tax on consumable meat to combat ‘climate change’ following a new IPCC report encouraging a plant-based diet, according to local media.

Politicians claim they hope to reduce CO2 emissions and improve animal welfare with a forced reduction in meat consumption.

“The politicians want to raise the tax to the standard VAT, or 19 percent, up from the current seven percent that consumers are required to pay for meat products.”Sweden may be looking to Germany as inspiration for their own similar ideas.

It’s eventually gonna get higher and higher, until they’ll just ban meat altogether and force us all to, at best, eat green slop with chemicals designed to look like meat. That, of course, would make huge profits for the corporate ‘food’ industry – as well as helping further reduce human fertility as part of the elite’s population reduction agenda.

The vegan freaks are already trying to make supermarkets rename their meat aisles to “protein aisles” specifically to confuse most people – who are naturally very easy to confuse.

“Food production and forestry are fundamental to society,” said Markku Rummukainen, Swedish representative to the UN Climate Panel. “Protein from the plant kingdom has much less impact on the climate than protein from the animal kingdom. How to produce one or the other also plays a role, of course.”

“In order to achieve the global climate targets, measures and solutions are also needed in agriculture and forestry and measures in the entire food system. Many of these measures will provide benefits in other areas, such as food and energy security.”

You get no benefits from eating too little or no animal products.