Collapsing Europe Needs Christianity

Collapsing Europe Needs Christianity

The following text is based on the interview by Tim Kerby with Danish journalist, documentarian, and radio host Iben Thranholm on the issue of the future of Europe and its need of Christian faith in order to survive.


The last hope for Europe

The foundation of every society is spiritual. If the culture loses its spirituality  – it is a kind of crumbling and disintegrating.  And this is what we can see now in Europe.

But, at the same time, it is important to stress out that there is a huge difference between Western Europe and Eastern Europe. In Western Europe the Christianity is on the decline, it’s obvious. But in Eastern former communist countries like Hungary, Poland, Croatia, we can see some pro-life, pro-family, pro-tradition revolution and the rediscovery of the Christian roots.

Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban is a very interesting politician. Recently he gave the state of the nation speech, where he actually stressed out that Christian faith is the last hope of Europe. These days, Post-soviet countries are the ones who are stressing out the importance of religion for the survival of Christian civilization in Europe. Orban also pointed that there are politicians in Brussels that are actually responsible for the decline of Christian faith.

What is also remarkable in Europe, is that the secularists and the liberals have formed an unholy alliance with Islamists. For what purpose? It’s because they need to break up the remaining parts of Christian Europe. Why do they want to destroy Christianity? If we look at what happened in the former Soviet Union, – it was the same program. The plan was to create some kind of utopia by eliminating Faith. And now we can see the second coming of Marxism in Europe. Before it can take place, they need to destroy all Christian values, traditions to implement a new sort of ideology.

Regardless that Islam is a religious tradition itself, it is also a very good tool to do all the dirty job. Is has already almost completely eliminated Christianity in some parts of Europe. But I think that in the end there will be a big surprise for those secularists and liberals. There will be a huge confrontation between Islamic Tradition and Cultural Marxism. But for now, both these ideologies hate Christianity and want to destroy it – “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

Why is Christianity so important?

In Soviet Union people were told that Christianity is pushing the progress back, it is something that caused many wars and deaths, so it is better to get free from it. But it is a false concept of freedom because you can’t separate freedom from truth. And that is the main concept of Marxism. If we look at Solzhenitsyn’s writings – it is clear that this separation of freedom from truth has been a catastrophe. In current times we are repeating the same scenario.

There are people who do believe that they can receive freedom by getting rid of all traditions and religions.  But who is going to take over then? If you have no God, no faith? It will be the State.

SOURCE: Katehon