Confront This Evil!

Confront This Evil!

A Satanic ‘Yule Goat’ is the latest example of the growing anti-Christian aggression of Satanist groups in the USA. The blasphemous parody of traditional Christmas decoration was erected outside the Michigan Capitol.

The goat installation - made up of grass stalks, straw and a large skull - was put together by the Satanic Temple of West Michigan and was first set up on Dec. 21, the winter solstice. It was finally removed on 27th December.

The following video of the blood sacrifice orgy that accompanied the making of the effigy is so disturbing and evil that we very seriously considered not showing it. But we concluded that Christians need to see and understand the level of depravity to which these people sink. These are not eccentric cranks, but full-blown Satanists, deadly serious about what they do.

It is time for Christians to understand that this sustained assault on God and decency cannot be fought with petitions and letters of complaint to politicians.

Evil on this scale must be confronted and face down. There is no other way!