Corporate Elite out to Transform Society

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Corporate Elite out to Transform Society

The corporations have declared war on normality, tradition and Christian values! That’s the only possible conclusion to reach from the news that the biggest capitalist companies on the planet are lining up to announce that they are no longer there primarily to make profits, but to ‘shape’ society to fit their ultra-liberal anti-values.

The Washington Post explains:

“The organization representing the nation’s most powerful chief executives is rewriting how it views the purpose of a corporation, updating its decades-old endorsement of the theory that shareholders’ interests should come above all else.

“The new statement, released Monday by the Business Roundtable, suggests balancing the needs of a company’s various constituencies and comes at a time of widening income inequality, rising expectations from the public for corporate behavior and proposals from Democratic lawmakers that aim to revamp or even restructure American capitalism.

The WaPo eventually spills the beans on what this is actually about:

“Meanwhile, corporations are facing increasing pressure — whether from customers, employees or public groups — to take stands on issues that impact society at large. Tech companies have had employees push back against contracts with immigration and border control agencies. Walmart has faced calls to stop selling guns after a recent mass shooting in one of its stores and senior corporate leaders have been increasingly vocal on social issues ranging from racism to LGBTQ rights as consumers increasingly look to spend money with companies that share their views.”

That last bit is, of course, a lie. The majority of Americans and other Westerners – and a huge proportion of potential customers in more traditional societies – do NOT share the LGBTQ+ obsession with perverted sex, gender confusion and the abolition of traditional family and religious values.

This isn’t mainly about money; it’s about giant global corporations with so much money already that their ultra-liberal CEOs are able to turn them into gigantic virtual SJWs.

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