Corporations, Satan & Profit

Corporations, Satan & Profit

Satanism is on the march – and greedy corporations are cashing in by packaging up evil to sell it to children. An occult children’s book entitled A Children’s Book of Demons is being sold by Walmart, Target and Amazon.

Thinly disguised as a “paranormal parody,” A Children’s Book of Demons aims to teach small children how to summon demons by telling them the names and symbols of actual demons. The 48-page demonic book is aimed at 5-10 year-olds.

The degenerate who created this thing is a self-confessed “occultist,” and thus presumably knows what he’s doing, and also presumably truly believes in the existence of demons – otherwise he wouldn’t be wasting his time and money in occultism.

Many Christians have taken to social media and book reviews to slam the book “This is purely satanic, what kind of children’s book teaches kids to summon demons and write sigils? … it makes me sick that this is even allowed on the shelves of ANY store.”

There is, of course, a simple cure for this book, and others like it. Fire! Not the fires of Hell, but the cleansing fires of righteous Christian anger and action!