Council Calls For Reparations Rip-Off

Council Calls For Reparations Rip-Off

They're aiming to make YOU pay for slavery! The racist drive to tax the descendants of Industrial Revolution wage slaves and hand the money over to the descendants of some chattel slaves has just moved up a gear.

London's Lambeth council last night (15 July) backed a call, prepared jointly by the ruling Labour and opposition Green groups, that calls on the national government to examine reparations for slavery.

The national Green Party said that it believed the motion, which it said was initiated by Green Party councillor Scott Ainslie, is the first such motion to be passed by a UK local authority.

It calls for a government commission to study the impact of the transatlantic traffic in enslaved Africans on social, political and economic life in the UK. This would be “to begin understanding the legacy of slavery on the society we live in and to start conversations on how to address it, which go further than a symbolic apology.”

The council will seek UK government support for an all-party parliamentary commission of inquiry for truth and reparatory justice and urge the government to commit to “holistic reparations”.

It will support work by the Runnymede Trust, the Black Curriculum and other bodies seeking to demonise and exploit innocent white people. None of them are in the least worried about the way in which their propaganda incites racial hatred against white people - hate which regularly leads to aggression and violence ranging from beatings right through to rape and the most brutal of murders.

You and your family don't want to be alone in the cruelly anti-white world these bigots are bringing into being.