Court Ruling Protects Children In Michigan

Court Ruling Protects Children In Michigan

Christian campaigners have won a rare but welcome victory in the rearguard action against LGBTQ+ aggression.

Religious-based adoption agencies that contract with the state of Michigan will be allowed to refuse to place children in LGBT homes under a preliminary injunction issued by a federal judge on Thursday.

District Judge Robert Jonker in Grand Rapids blocked Democratic state Attorney General Dana Nessel, Michigan’s first openly homosexual statewide officeholder, from barring the faith-based agencies from excluding LGBT couples from services.

He said her action conflicted with state law, existing contracts and established practice. Nessel had, through a legal settlement between same-sex couples and the state Department of Health and Human Services, reversed the state’s stance earlier this year.

Jonker, in issuing a preliminary injunction, said Lansing-based St. Vincent Catholic Charities’ longstanding practice of adhering to its religious beliefs and referring same-sex and unmarried couples to other agencies is not discriminatory.

The sad thing is that the defence had to be that the move was “not discriminatory”. Because, in a healthy, Christian society, the court would have said that is the DUTY of the state to discriminate in favour of child-welfare and against the promotion of perversion and the bogus ‘rights’ of perverts!