The French Village of Couvertoirade

The French Village of Couvertoirade

The Village of La Couvertoirade was built in the middle of the XV century. It contains a Knights Templar castle.

In the 13th century, locals feared armed bands attacking the city and the decision was made to fortify the village. The walls are 420m long and 1.30m thick.

The village is extremely well preserved and conserved because it was abandoned for a long time and therefore underwent little or no transformation. To visit la Couvertoirade is to plunge back into the Middle Ages!

Situated on the Larzac plateau, the village of La Couvertoirade is a concentrate of traditional Caussenarde architecture. Stone is the material found everywhere, from the ground to the roofs of the houses, known as lauzes.

Templar Castle (private) was listed as a historic monument in 1944. It is one of the few castles built by the Templars at this time in France. It features a Romanesque keep, unique in Larzac for its unusual shape!