Covid Censors Step on the Gas

Covid Censors Step on the Gas

As the mainstream media and government officials soften us all up for a fresh wave of Great Reset lockdowns, their parallel effort to silence skeptics and dissenters has moved up several gears and gone into full throttle.

'Throttle', in fact, is the operative word, because the censorship has now reached such a level that it is squeezing the life out of the last few outlets for open and free debate.


The video shown (or, to be precise, banned from being shown) in our screenshot is a classic case in point. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is an Austrian lawyer with a track record for bringing legal actions intended to curb official abuses of power. Dr. David Martin is a professor of business, while Dr. Peter McCullough is an American cardiologist and former chief of internal medicine at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas and professor at Texas A&M University. 

The three men made this video about their effort to challenge the hysterical and self-serving 'mainstream' narrative about the 'deadly pandemic'. Are they right or wrong about what they say? We cannot judge, because we are not allowed to watch and listen to them. All we know is that the evidence for the cynical manipulation of statistics and emotions, in an elite effort to exploit the thoroughly unpleasant flu virus, is so overwhelming that we would very much like to hear their opinions and plans.

In any normal, free society, you would be free to decide whether to join us in watching them, and to form your own opinion. But, as you surely already know, the regimes under which we now live have created a society which is anything but normal and free.

So first this video was censored on YouTube, then it was repeatedly taken down when independent YouTubers reposted it. So it was posted onto Bitchute, from which it is now also banned in many coountroes, including Great Britain. The excuse given that it is "Incitement to Hatred", despite the fact that there is NOTHING in this video which refers to ethnic groups or individuals - it is a lawyer specialising in intellectual property discussing patents taken out by research companies. It refers viewers to public records which can be consulted by anyone, and includes proof that the untested "vaccine" technology was refused by the patent office as a vaccine, because it does not innoculate or protect the patient. 

Now, you might have watched it and done some research and concluded that it's all rubbish, and that you are happy to believe the narrative put out by the political and media elite. You might have a look at liberal-left 'fact-checkers', and decide to believe their ad hominem attacks on these men, rather than reflecting on the fact that these Soros-funded propaganda operations have lied to you about everything else. That would be your prerogative. But are you happy to be denied that opportunity? And are you really inclined to believe people with long track records for lying, cheating and letting us all down?