Covid Graph They WON'T Show You

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Covid Graph They WON'T Show You

One simple graph alone destroys completely all the arguments for the utterly catastrophic covid lockdown with which the global political and media elites have wrecked our world. It shows the course of the 'pandemic' in Belarus - the one country in the industrial, civilised world that enacted no lockdown measures at all. Even league football matches were allowed in Belarus, whose President told people who felt a bit ill to have a sauna and a shot of vodka. As you can see, the results are in

The graph for covid cases in Belarus shows how, with no lockdown at all, they rose sharply but quickly reached a point where they stopped rising. The infection curve then did the same as it has done in lockdown catastrophe Britain, and has now gone into steep and rapid decline.

The only real difference is that belarus achieved the same result without any panic, without any economic damage, without risking the lives of cancer and heart disease victims, without destroying a single business, frightening a single child, losing a single day at school, and without a single covid-despair suicide. 

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