Mum performs CPR on baby born before abortion limit to save his life

Mum performs CPR on baby born before abortion limit to save his life

A baby who was born below the abortion limit and given CPR by his mother to save his life is now a healthy two year old.

Baby Logan was born in Gloucestershire in June 2018, at 23 weeks and 4 days’ gestation, weighing only 550g. His mum, Anna Beard, had a difficult pregnancy.

Anna said: “At 23 weeks I had a scan. I was asked if I wanted to continue the pregnancy as chance of survival was thought to be none”.

“There I was told I had no waters, I said I would carry on and I went home”.

“I was in my mind expecting to miscarry”.

A few days after the scan Anna started experiencing pain which got so bad she called an ambulance but before the ambulance could even arrive, her son Logan was born.

Babies born as early as Logan are often called micro-preemies. Amazingly, Anna performed CPR on her own newborn son to help him breathe and then watched him take his first breath.

After the paramedics arrived, Logan was sent to Bristol Children’s Hospital, which had the specialist equipment needed for such a premature baby.

Logan was in hospital from June to November before he was able to go home.

Logan’s mum said: “I remember when I saw him, because he was so premature, his eyes were still fused shut. His toes and fingers were still almost webbed”.

“He only weighed 550 grams and he was quite almost see through. You could see all of his veins”.

“He was covered in an almost bubble wrap moisture blanket which almost simulates the womb. We were able to watch him develop almost how he would have if he was still in me growing”.

“I was able to give him a cuddle finally when he was three weeks old. Logan was so small and covered in all these wires”.

“Logan is now two years old, and yes he is a little bit behind in some ways, but he is a normal little boy”.

It is becoming more and more common for babies born before the abortion limit in Britain to survive. 

These wonderful stories of severely premature babies going on to survive are becoming almost common-place. How long will it take our lawmakers to re-examine our cruel abortion laws that permit abortion even after the point at which babies are able to survive outside of the womb?