Daily Mail Shills for Nazi Satanists

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Daily Mail Shills for Nazi Satanists

"Hurrah for the Blackshirts" was one of the most notorious Daily Mail headlines of all times. The paper's support for Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists has tarnished its reputation for nearly a hundred years now, but the rag has now finally managed something even worse.

Mosley was at least a British war hero and a genuine patriot, even though he was daft enough to ignore both Mussolini and Hitler when both of them warned him that the British people wouldn't take kindly to a movement so obviously based on foreign imagery. His movement was invariably peaceful, although its members defended themselves vigorously with their fists and boots when attacked by Communist and immigrant and student thugs, who were often armed with knuckledusters and razors.


The Mail's new Azov heroes, by contrast, are actual, genuine Nazis - directly heirs to the tradition of Ukrainian fascism so extreme that even Hitler's SS tried to stamp it out. Today's edition of the Mail carries a whole photo feature of the Azov Regiment's Satanist winter solstice ceremony, which featured a full-size replica viking longship set on fire as a memorial to their dead in the war with Russia.

The paper does at least have the decency to admit that the Wolf's Hook rune used by Azov is a recycled Hitler SS symbol, but despite this, its readers are clearly urged to admire the 'war heroes' of Azov - a huge force notorious for murdering civilians in Donbass in 8 years of ethnic cleansing attacks on Russian speakers, and for torturing and murdering prisoners.

The paper also avoids telling readers that what it coyly calls "a traditional viking longboat burning ceremony" was in fact a specifically pagan event, part of the Nazis' long-term war on Christianity in Ukraine. Azov's other symbol, the 'Black Sun' popularised by Heinrich Himmler, is closely associated with the Satanist Nazism which has been promoted by the CIA in recent years.




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