Thank God for David Perry!

Thank God for David Perry!

What a grim but very fitting event for Rembrance Sunday! Quick-thinking Liverpool taxi driver David Perry just earned his place in the pantheon of British heroes.

Despite the usual police and media reluctance to utter the T-word (let alone the I-word) the timing of the bomb outside Liverpool Women's Hospital to go off at the start of the Two Minutes Silence - plus the fact that the passenger had tried to get to the Remembrance Service at the city's Anglican Cathedral - makes it almost certain that this was an Islamist terror attack.

However reluctant the authorities are to admit it, they have created a gigantic unexploded terror bomb, with the combination of mass immigration, their folly in allowing Wahhabi Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States to export their extremism to UK mosques, and their criminal and destructive policies and wars in the Middle East. 

It is too late to defuse this bomb, not least because the laws and censorship policies of the political and media elite effectively bar even an informed and rational public debate about the problem, let alone effectively action.

So the incident in Liverpool will be repeated, again and again. Sometimes, by the grace of God, one or two ordinary Brits will discover that the blood of our past generations of heroes flows in their veins and, like David Perry, they will thwart the attacks.

All too often, however, the bombers and beheaders will get through. And that too will be God's will because, at the most profound level of all, the Islamist terror that will scourge the West is the chastening rod with which He will drive His people to abandon the Sodom and Gomorrah depths of sin and wickedness into which they have fallen. 

The terror will stop when the people mend their ways and deserve peace and God's mercy. And not until then. Deus Vult!