Deep State Wins US Election

Deep State Wins US Election

The cowardly treason we predicted from the fake 'conservative majority' SCOTUS, and the decision of the Electoral College, have sealed the fate not just on Donald Trump, but of the United States of America. There is now no legal way for Donald Trump to prevent the Democrats, legacy media, Beltway Republican elite, the George Soros BLM/Antifa militias and the Deep State from completing their election steal.

In theory he could declare martial law, but the Supreme Court ruling would now give the military leadership (which Obama purged of non-liberals) the excuse to side with Biden and the people who pull his decaying strings. Some sheriffs and lower ranking police officers might obey the real President, but they would be swept aside by the vast and ultra-violent protests that the left would unleash on the streets. President Trump's only realistic option now is to try to secure legal immunity for himself and his family, perhaps while holding out to decent Americans the vain hop that he could stand in 2024 and overcome the 30 million new Third World voters that the Democrats will have let into the country by then.

None of which can make Biden or Harris the legitimate President. After four years of #NotMyPresident fantasy from the Dems, America now faces a situation in which the 'President' really isn't genuine. Biden really IS a fake, imposed by lies, violence, theft and fraud. And scores of millions of the people whose faith, work and taxes make America function know it. The fact that the SCOTUS does not care what the US Constitution says is irrelevant.  The total betrayal by seven out of nine SC Justices sealed the fate of the USA.  The rule of law in America is over, dead. And so is faith in the System by the people who collectively pay for it.

America, of course, will survive. It is the 'United' bit in the 'United States of America' which is now just waiting to be buried by History. The Democratic elite and their accomplices will now wage a four year 'color revolution' against the American people in general and white American Christians in particular. The result will either be a strife-torn, chronically divided (for ordinary Americans will not accept the coming lockdown Masked Tyranny, or the wave of attacks on the 1st and 2nd Amendments that are coming) shambles that is 'United' in nothing but name, or secession by the most aggrieved red states.

The latter would be by far the better and more sustainable option, but it is also by far the less likely. The evil forces which have done so much to drag down the USA, and to marginalise and demonise the white heterosexual male around the world are not going to roll over and accept the creation of a new de facto white ethnostate in the heart of North America. So the people whose ancestors built the USA now have a choice: surrender to the Democrats' revolution or civil war. Given the odds and the lack of leadership and organisation, we reluctantly predict that the choice the American right will make is surrender.

Which means that dark times indeed now loom over our brethren and much-loved friends in the former United States of America. Dark times, but not despair.There is NO need or reason for despair. Because the dark times are surely a necessary part not of Satan's schemes but of God's great plan. What America (and indeed the whole of the West, for the EU is also entering the phase of collapse masquerading as tyranny, while the regimes in places like Canada, Australia and New Zealand are almost beyond parody) has coming may look like the rule of Satan, but it will in fact be the Great Chastisement. And when the pain that is coming has driven His wayward children to cease their disobedience, then the Good Lord will bring it to an end. Exactly how, we cannot and need not know. All we need to know is that He may well have a role for us, so alongside earnest prayer, we should order our lives and organise ourselves so as to be able to play whatever part He demands of us.

The liberal masonic Republic is dead! Long live Christian America!