Delivery Driver Shortage - The Truth

Delivery Driver Shortage - The Truth

With a growing shortage of delivery drivers already causing shortages and predicted to get much worse in the run-up to Christmas, liberal broadcast media in Britain are rushing to blame Brexit for the growing problem.

The reality is very different - and bears out a key KTI warning which we have been sounding on air, online and in books for years now.

The root of the problem is DEMOGRAPHIC.

The average age of a British truck driver is now 57 years. That means, of course, that many are even older. Which in turn means that, over the last 18 months, tens of thousands of them have retired, or even died. With covid lockdown measures having virtually stopped driver training, those losses have been almost impossible to replace.

Even if enough training places were available, there is a dire shortage of young people, compared to the baby-boomer generation who have long formed the backbone of the haulage industry. Add in the education system's constant pushing of pupils to go on to get useless, dumbed-down degrees, instead of real jobs, and the low wages, long hours and poor conditions for drivers, and a driver shortage is inevitable.

Asset Alliance Group’s Industry Monitor records that 35% of surveyed decision makers in the haulage industry believe the main reason for the HGV driver shortage is low wages compared to similar jobs, while 21% say current drivers’ hours legislation make work unappealing for those with family commitments, 12% say it is the prohibitive cost of CPC training, and 8% put the shortage down to poor roadside facilities across the UK. Very few of those in the know blame Brexit.

The resulting shortage of foreign drivers is thus not the CAUSE of the problem. It is merely a factor which makes the problem even harder to solve.

The same issue, needless to say, is raising its head in the USA and across Europe.

The 'demographic winter' which we discussed in our best-selling book Deus Vult - Reconquista of the West is going to bite ever harder in the years ahead. This means that the driver shortage will keep on getting worse, and that it will turn out to be just an early warning sign of the ongoing destabilisation and contraction of the economy and society. This is what happens when a huge number of young people decide not to have children, or abort their babies. "God will not be mocked".


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