Democrats Destroying US Military

Democrats Destroying US Military

The Biden regime is destroying America's military. The most obvious current symptom of this is the transfer of enormous amounts of military hardware and budgets to Ukraine. Like much of the rest of NATO, this is leaving US forces short of weapons and munitions needed for their own defence priorities. The aim of the policy is to use Ukrainian soldiers as the cannon fodder in a proxy war to 'wear down' Russia, but the Russians' dominance in precision missiles means that it increasingly looks as the the Ukraine is providing the giant mincing machine in which NATO's military hardware is being ground to dust.

The conflict is also showing the limitations and failures of Western weapons systems designed to maximise the profits of the military-industrial complex rather than to dominate battlefields. The situation is so bad that Ukraine has just rushed through a law banning any criticism of weaponry provided by NATO. Their problem, of course, is that outlawing the truth about junk missiles and death-trap tanks won't make them any better, it will just add to the huge wastage of men, equipment and money.

The biggest problem of all, however, is the morale of US troops. A recent article by veteran analyst Paul Craig Roberts explored the crisis id detail:

'White male troops, the backbone of the Army, Air Force, and Navy are forced to take “racial sensitivity training,” that is, they are indoctrinated that they are racists and misogynists and have to reconsider their alleged attitudes toward “preferred minorities” and females.

'This makes it difficult for white officers to discipline black and female troops. Blacks can claim “racism,” and women can allege “sexual harassment.”

'Simultaneously, promotions for white men are on hold for the purpose of achieving “balance” by promoting blacks and women. In other words, promotions are not on the basis of merit but on the basis of race and gender. White male troops are unlikely to respect officers promoted for these reasons.

'On this demoralized military force the Biden regime is now imposing mandatory vaccination with a mRNA vaccine that does not provide protection from the virus but does release the spike pathogen into the body, causing serious injury and death in many instances and making the vaccinated more susceptible to Covid.

'The evidence is in and is conclusive—the “vaccine” is more dangerous to the young than is the Covid virus. The troops who are aware of the facts are very resentful of the policy.

'Officers have the option of resigning and leaving the service, but the men in the ranks face court martial if they refuse the dangerous vaccine. The impact on morale is devastating.

'The black US Secretary of Defense, a quota-hire and a quota-promotion, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who told his Chinese counterpart that he would give him advance warning of an American attack, are despised by the troops, who believe the Biden regime has betrayed the US military.

'The obvious conclusion is that, the quality of weapon systems aside, such a demoralized military has no capability of fighting disciplined forces of good morale. Washington has no possibility of fighting both Russia and China together and would be quickly defeated by either separately.'

Roberts goes on to explain that this in itself would not be a problem - were it not for the insanely aggressive and provocative attitude of the NATO political elite:

'My own opinion is that neither Russia nor China intend to attack the US. Much less does Russia want responsibility for Eastern Europe. Russia and China can be provoked into becoming military threats by Washington’s aggressive policies.

'When Washington identifies Russia and China as threats, Washington means that the rise of the two countries has ended Washington’s short-term unipolar rule. The “threat” that Washington is concerned about is the loss of US hegemony.

'With Washington in the process of violating its “one China” agreement by encouraging Taiwan’s independence, Yalta 2.0 is nothing but academic rhetoric.

'Americans have been brainwashed for decades about the “Communist threat,” which is associated with Russia and China. The danger is an indoctrinated population combined with Washington’s recklessness, such as putting military advisers in Taiwan, can result in a provocation that is too big for the provoked country to ignore.

'So far both Russia and China have ignored provocations and insults that in past times might have resulted in war.

'I have expressed my concerns that whereas Russia and China’s responsible behavior of refusing to respond to provocations with provocations has maintained peace, it runs the risk of causing more provocations. Sooner or later one will be too large to ignore.'




Above all, by letting rip the printing presses, tearing up property rights and imposing counter-productive sanctions on Russia , the Biden regime is destroying the dollar's status as the global reserve currency. The has been the mechanism by which an essentially bankrupt USA has been able to afford military expenditure which dwarfs that of Russia and China put together. With the collapse of the dollar will inevitably come the end of Washington's military dominance of the world.