England: DfE officials draw up new proposals for 'trans' schoolchildren

England: DfE officials draw up new proposals for 'trans' schoolchildren

Women's rights campaigners have hit out at government proposals to let trans pupils use school changing rooms first and to introduce gender neutral toilets, branding the plans as unsafe and 'regressive misogyny'.

The suggested measures – among a raft of ideas being considered – also include letting children that do not identify with their biological sex wear the uniform of their choice. 

Helen Joyce, of gender rights organisation Sex Matters, said: 'Women, parents, professionals and activists concerned about gender ideology are pretty active on social media.

'The suggestion the DfE is rowing back from a clear position provoked a huge response. The anger and disappointment were plain to see. Sex is real. It matters. 

'We all know this. Thousands of us have fought to raise awareness about the harm gender ideology is causing to vulnerable children.'

Caroline Ffiske from Conservatives for Women said: 'What disappoints us is the framing of this issue through the lens of a "culture war" and "political flashpoints". 

'This trivialises an ongoing attack on the foundations of our society, including on science, free speech, most importantly in this context, children's safeguarding. These are things the Conservative Party needs to stand up for.

'Via social media or what they are learning in school, vulnerable children become convinced they were born in the wrong body. Some start by asking for a pronoun change.

'I'm also pretty shocked to see the suggestion that a classroom of girls should stand to one side while a trans-identifying boy uses their changing room. Sorry – this is awful science, poor safeguarding, and regressive misogyny.'

The DfE will not impose the rules but are expected to set out the guidance before Christmas.