Did YOU See Our Weekly Report Email?

Did YOU See Our Weekly Report Email?

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Here's this weeks Round-Up:

Lockdowns – Not Over Yet

This single meme sums up very well the next stage of the Covid trick being played upon us all. It is, of course completely unscientific but, as fear-porn propaganda, it’s all-too effective.

Evidence is now mounting that jabs designed to work against a current Covid virus make victims more susceptible to subsequent variants. This means that every new variant (and constantly producing them is what all coronaviruses do) will produce the wave of new cases that will ‘justify’ the continuation of the cycle.

Very profitable for Big Pharma! Very convenient for Big Brother! But a nightmare for the rest of us! The whole issue is often addressed on our daily Templar Report. Come and join us live any weekday evening at 6 p.m. UK time. Or any time afterwards as catch-up. Together with Brother Dowson’s Sunday Service, these are hosted on our own, censorship-proof platform: www.purged.tv

New Templar Chapter House Nears Completion

The brand-new Chapter House at our St. Donard Priory is now nearly complete. Both the Upper Chapter House – which will provide a refectory, library and small lecture room – and the Lower Chapter House – which will provide much needed administration facilities – are now in the final stage of this ambitious project.

As soon as the ceilings are painted and the wood paneling is stained and waxed, the furniture and equipment we already have in storage will be moved in. The Council of Nine reiterate their grateful thanks to all whose donations, dues and purchases have helped to fund this development.

Donate to the Chapter House

Texas Whistleblower Slams Pfizer’s Deeply Flawed Vax Trials

The clinical tests carried out by Pfizer before the release of its hugely profitable Covid-19 vaccine were deeply flawed.

The dreadful truth about the Pfizer vaccine emerged on November 2nd in the authoritative British Medical Journal. The headline sets the tone for the whole of the article: Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial.

The devastating piece continues with the sub-heading: “Revelations of poor practices at a contract research company helping to carry out Pfizer’s pivotal covid-19 vaccine trial raise questions about data integrity and regulatory oversight.”

You can read all about the covered up story of the brave Texas-based whistleblower here:



Templar Action Stateside

Templars making a real difference! With the blessing of the Council of Nine, these good brothers (and sisters helping too) have created the KTI Rapid Response Team (RRT).

They have built a real-life operations base in a lovely piece of countryside in the heart of the mid-West. A large, metal buildinghosts meetings and doubles as a training room for Templar brethren. It also houses ATVs, trailers and other equipment needed as they develop their vision of being ever-ready to provide disaster-relief, financial protection, and aid for Christian people and communities in dire need.

The RRT has already made it possible for two families to get back up on their feet. The RRT did this by supporting them financially whilst giving them a place to stay in the safehouse they have kitted out to provide such emergency accommodation.

The property includes a quality firing range as well as a well-appointed meeting area dominated by a lectern, Bible, Cross and a stunning array of Templar weaponry and helmets. For more info and pictures, see the story on www.knightstemplarorder.com