'Dieselgeddon' Coming to USA

'Dieselgeddon' Coming to USA

Dieselgeddon is looming for America! A drastic and growing shortage of diesel fuel is going to threaten the transportation of food, construction materials, consumer items - in fact, everything. This isn't just about rising prices, it's about serious disruption to the economy and society. Talk of potential rationing may at this stage be alarmist, but as we saw in the UK several times during lockdown, once panic buying kicks in, massive queues and empty fuel stations are inevitable.

Because diesel is used by nearly all trains (because they’re “diesel-electric” trains), transport trucks, construction equipment and farming equipment, the crash in diesel availability will sharply affect all the following:

  • Food availability
  • Fertilizers for growing food
  • Coal for powering the electrical grid
  • Construction projects
  • Transportation of consumer goods to retail stores
  • UPS, Fedex, USPS and other package carriers

Few people realize how important diesel fuel is to the economy, but they’re about to learn this all-important lesson the hard way.

Without diesel, UPS can’t deliver packages. Amazon.com shuts down. The USPS stops delivering mail. Without diesel, trains can’t deliver fertilizer to farmers. Food crops don’t get planted or fail to produce sufficient harvests to feed the world. Without diesel, construction projects stop. If the crisis isn't put right, the whole infrastructure of society starts to collapse, with each failure having a knock-on effect, threatening a vicious downward spiral.

So why is there a diesel shortage?  When the crisis hits, the political and media elite will of course blame Vladimir Putin, but the truth is that the looming 'Dieselgeddon' Crisis is the inevitable result not of the NATO-provoked conflict in Ukraine but of the 'green energy' hysteria and lunacy of our own politicians.

It was green taxes and the general anti-fossil fuel hysteria that led to the decision not to rebuild the massive PES diesel refinery in South Philadelphia after it blew up in a mysterious and devastating explosion in 2019. Owners Philadelphia Energy Solutions filed for bankruptcy after the blast, and the plant's new owners made the decision to demolish the whole complex.

The PES refinery was the largest on the entire East Coast, but in normal times the resulting production gap would have been exploited and closed by other companies. But, of course, we are not in 'normal times' any more. Instead, we have a political elite which is deliberately vandalising and sabotaging the entire energy industry on which our society depends. The fact that diesel prices have already risen more than $1 higher per gallon than gasoline is an early warning signal for what is to come.

The key reason for the ongoing slump in the amount of diesel being refined in America is because over the last few years, major fuel refineries shut down their diesel operations and began retooling to produce “biodiesel” — a highly inefficient, virtue signaling product that’s actually horrible for the environment and depends almost entirely on food production to make the fuel. 

As JWN reported in 2020, “Massive oil refiners are turning into biofuel plants in the west.” During the contrived covid lockdowns, it turns out, there was so much excess diesel in the pipeline that these companies were strong-armed into “going green” by transforming their refineries into biofuel factories. This means, of course, they can no longer produce real diesel fuel from petroleum. From that story:

Phillips 66 on Wednesday became the latest in a string of U.S. refiners to say it’s converting an oil refinery in California into a biofuel plant as gasoline loses its lustre to fuels derived from agricultural and waste products. The company said its 120,000 barrel-a-day Rodeo refinery near San Francisco will become the world’s biggest plant that makes so-called renewable diesel, as well as gasoline and jet fuel, out of used cooking oil, fats, greases and soybean oils.

The announcement came about a week after fuel giant Marathon Petroleum Corp. said that it may convert two refineries into renewable diesel plants. In June, HollyFrontier Corp. said it would turn its Cheyenne, Wyoming, refinery into a renewable diesel plant by 2022.

Realize that in order to produce biofuel out of food, somebody has to produce the food first. And that means farmers need fertilizer and diesel fuel for their tractors in order to grow the food. But the diesel is running out precisely because the diesel refineries switched to biofuel, but biofuel needs food which can only be grown by using diesel… you get the idea. It’s a vicious cycle of doom and stupidity. Soon, America will have lots of mothballed refineries that can produce biofuel from food, but won’t have any food to feed into their refineries.

While lockdown was strangling the economy, the impact of this energy suicide was concealed, but with demand returning to normal, the gap between production and consumption is now only being fended off by using up reserves. Once those have gone, the full scale of this totally artificial disaster will start to strike home. 

When it does, some of the public will of course fall for the lie that the growing chaos is all the fault of the nasty Russians. Many more will join the dots to the bio-fuel obsession  and the Democrats' green agenda. These people will no doubt view the crisis as being caused by grotesque stupidity. But the truth is that the shattering impact on normal people of the liberal elite's 'war on carbon' is not some sort of unforeseen consequence, but is deliberate.

The main thrust of the World Economic Forum's 'Great Reset' is to slash the 'carbon footprint' of the middle and working classes of the First World. Their primary target is your standard of living, they are determined to force you to use less fuel, eat less meat, travel less, do less, earn less and own less. Reducing the number of 'useless eaters' is an ambition they have for the whole world, so the impact of Dieselgeddon on US food production will also help them towards that wicked goal.

Faced with this clear and looming disaster for America, the politicians should put the USA on a crash programme to restore its energy infrastructure. But, as we've just seen, the pain that is on the way is something with which they are perfectly happy. So while ordinary Americans face this crisis, the Biden regime and the Republican opposition have one obsession - arming and funding the corrupt and fanatical Kiev regime in order to prolong the war in Ukraine in the hope of bleeding Russia to death.

That shows you their priorities, doesn’t it? They want to destroy Russia, and they may or may not succeed. Creating a massive diesel shortage when Russia is the world's biggest producer of diesel doesn't seem to be a particularly clever move, but that's another story. But whether they do long-term damage to Russia, they are definitely destroying America.


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