Direct Action to Save America VIDEO

Direct Action to Save America VIDEO

The Stop the Tires truckers' protest group is growing fast and has called for a fresh anti-coup action across America by truckers on Thanksgiving Day.

This special edition of the Templar Report features veteran nationalist activist and leader Nick Griffin discussing the latest threats to America's freedom and Constitution, and the options open to President Trump and US patriots to fight off the Harris/Biden/fake news media coup attempt.

This important broadcast includes an account of the hugely effective UK farmers and hauliers protests against high-taxing, livelihood-wrecking, socialist tyranny back in 2000. While truckers' protests are by no means new in the USA, the highly political nature of this one - and the enormously high stakes involved - make it vital that American truckers learn the lessons of the successes and failures of their British counterparts. Starting with understanding that to rely on communications technology controlled by corporate liberals (including Facebook) is to build a potentially fatal weakness into the movement.

So we're making a special plea to all our brethren and supporters to do everything possible to bring this very timely and informed broadcast to the attention of truckers, farmers and other blue collar workers in key infrastructure all over the USA. And if the current leaders of the protests shy away from politicising them and try to make them just about taxes, then Americans who understand the need for militant grassroots action will have to set the protest blockade movement rolling themselves.