Dissent – It is NOT A Game!

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Dissent – It is NOT A Game!

The worldwide growth of the ‘right-wing’ politics , plus general rising concern over continued immigration and Islamisation – and also the hysterically negative coverage given to it by the liberal corporate MSM – is leading more and more people to think that expressing their opinions in ‘extreme’ terms is somehow fashionable or smart.

Well, guess what? It’s not! Whether it’s drunken idiotic threats, in-jokes about ‘fashy’ opinions, doing banner drops without face masks, or posing as ‘Nazis’ – extremist rhetoric or imagery gets you fired from your job, thrown into prison or separated from your family.

This is why the liberal fake news media are so keen to ‘expose’ (aka promote) various ‘neo-Nazi’ gangs such as National Action and its successors and the so-called Atomwaffen Division, which are in fact run by Satanists as a way of luring naive young men to personal disaster and pointless sacrifice.

The only good thing about the liberal social media corporations’ clampdown on ‘free speech’ that ‘violates community standards’ is that it’s stopping various people spouting off online and getting themselves fired or convicted!

Fortunately, there are plenty of intelligent, smart, sustainable ways to oppose the Great Replacement and to organise and prepare for the Dark Times ahead. So wise up out there people. Stop throwing yourselves to the liberal wolf pack. We don’t care about the drunken gobshites, but losing intelligent young men because they follow provocateurs, shysters or intellectual idiots is NOT acceptable!