Doctor Who Helped Invent mRNA Jabs Turns Whistleblower

Doctor Who Helped Invent mRNA Jabs Turns Whistleblower

“Our government is out of control on this, and they are lawless. These mandates of an experimental vaccine are explicitly illegal. They are explicitly inconsistent with the Nuremberg Code. They’re explicitly inconsistent with the Belmont Report. They are flat-out illegal and they don’t care.”

This damning verdict on the elite’s cynical exploitation of Covid-19 comes from Dr. Robert Malone. One of the main figures in the development of the mRNA technology used in Moderna and Pfizer’s Covid jabs, Dr. Malone also serves as President of the International Alliance of Physicians and Scientists, an international group of over 16,000 professionals.

Dr. Malone is a highly credentialed virologist and vaccinologist, with significant connections within the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the U.S. Intelligence Community. 

Over the past two years he has endured continuous attacks from the media and public health establishment for his stance against mass immunisation with experimental anti-COVID injections, even facing threats to strip him of his medical license.

Interviewed early in January, Dr. Malone explained why he is speaking out against the use of the new vaccine technology he helped to create.

During the three-hour-long interview, with the world’s top-ranking podcast, Joe Rogan, he explained the medical dangers posed by the universal inoculation of the populace with experimental drugs, along with the social implications of an increasingly totalitarianism with jarring historical precedent. 

 “We’ve been divided, and it’s all been politicised, and the data have been so thoroughly manipulated, that it’s been hard for any of us to make sense of it,” Malone said during the interview, which went viral before it was squelched by Big Tech corporations for running afoul of the “community guidelines” regarding Covid-19-related commentary.

This really isn’t surprising. Malone speaks medical truth to illegitimate power in a way which makes him a gigantic thorn in the side of those exploiting Covid to impose their own elite agenda. While he was specifically criticising the Biden regime, his criticisms of the propaganda, lies, corruption and guilt of the authorities are every bit as valid here as they are in the USA .

According to Malone, US hospitals have been given a “perverse incentive” to over-diagnose Covid, block early treatments, keep coronavirus patients hospitalised, and recording the virus as a cause of death. This incentive structure keeps the ‘fear porn’ going while boosting demand for vaccines.

“It’s not rumours. The hospitals receive a bonus from the government; I think it’s like $3,000, if someone is hospitalized and able to be declared COVID-positive. They also receive a bonus, I think the total is something like [a] $30,000 incentive, if somebody gets put on the vent[ilator].”

Malone further asserted that hospitals receive a “death benefit” for declaring that a deceased patient who tested positive for the virus died of it, even when the true cause of death is something else.

He revealed that hospital administrators attack physicians who supply early treatments to patients, attempting to strip them of their medical licenses for failing to abide by the widespread policy of waiting to treat Covid patients until they need hospitalisation.

Moves to block early treatments made international headlines when the widespread, safe and effective drugs ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine were suppressed by governments and public health organisations around the world, a coordinated attack which Malone said has contributed to hundreds of thousands of fatalities.

“There’s good modelling studies that [show that] probably half a million excess deaths have happened in the United States through the intentional blockade of early treatment by the US government,” Malone said.

“There are all kinds of financial incentives to make bad stuff go away and highlight good stuff…..[it] makes the sponsor happy, and then you get another contract.”

The good doctor has spoken out at great risk to his reputation. His courage and wide grasp of the crucial issues have led to relentless character assassination by the controlled media and so-called ‘Fact Checkers’ which are in fact paid agents of George Soros covid profiteers such as Bill Gates.

Asked why he continues to speak, Malone said simply “because what’s happening is not right.” He went on to spell out the type of health damage done by the mRNA jabs:

From spike proteins within the injections appearing to contribute to sometimes fatal microcoagulation (pathological blood clotting); a potential for vaccine-enhanced infection or disease with an increased risk after every dose; and a disturbing possibility of vaccine-related T-cell suppression leading to the reactivation of other viruses like shingles and HPV; Malone said the adverse events related to the COVID-19 shots are widespread and troubling.

The virologist said that according to the evidence and literature, the answer to whether the spike protein in the jabs cause toxicity in humans “is pretty clear now: It does. I think the question that we’re all arguing about is, ‘how often and how bad?’”.

Dr. Malone is particularly critical of the central role of Pfizer:

“Pfizer is one of the most criminal pharmaceutical organisations in the world based on their past legal history and fines. What do those fines include? Bribing physicians. It is a cost benefit analysis in the pharmaceutical industry about misbehaviour.”

“It’s hard for me to reconcile the behaviour of the government and its public health decisions with the data,” Malone concludes. “Is it incompetence, or is it malevolence?”