Dollar Crisis - Straws in the Wind

Dollar Crisis - Straws in the Wind

Whatever else the Biden regime messes up, you can be absolutely sure that the Democrat junta will bring the ruination of the American dollar to a shocking new level.

The writing is already on the wall. First because, while the new regime’s reckless tax-and-spend policies will finish things off, America was already heading for a massively destructive currency crisis and hyper-inflation even before the Biden coup made what is now coming completely inevitable.

The Feds have been running the printing presses day and night since the financial crisis of 2008, but things spiralled out of control last year. In June of 2020 alone – just one month! – the U.S. federal budget deficit was an astonishing $864 billion. In that single month, the United States federal government accumulated more debt than America did, in total, in the 200-plus years from 1776 through to the end of 1979.

Faced with the artificially imposed covid crisis, the last year U.S. created 22% of all the U.S. dollars issued since the birth of the nation.

Yes, you read that right; 2020 didn’t just see the biggest real wealth destruction spree in American history, it also saw the creation of nearly one quarter of all the US dollars ever created. The combination of these two brutally damaging facts can only lead on to financial catastrophe.

Let’s look at this another way. Ignore for a brief while the fundamental immorality of the entire, usurious, private fiat currency creation scam. Consider what the USA was able to do with the first trillion dollars of debt it accumulated between 1776 and 1979:

Americans defeated the British and fought a civil war; bought Alaska and Louisiana; fought two World Wars; created the largest military force in history; built the best and biggest national infrastructure in the world, including the Hoover Dam and the Panama Canal; ran the Apollo Space Program, and in general created a society that was the nearest to a material paradise that Mankind has ever achieved.

But then… in just one month in 2020, the same amount of debt was incurred simply to stop the people starving or rioting while the entire economy was shut down on the orders of a gang of power-hungry globalist asset strippers.

For the year in total, when the bill for 2020 is finally totted up, the addition to America’s debt will be in the region of $5 trillion. That’s more than the entire total of US cumulative national debt up until 1995… added in a single year.

Even if the Democrats were inclined towards fiscal caution, this inheritance would make any such effort futile. And, as we know, the most radical Democrat administration in History doesn’t have a fiscally cautious bone in its ugly, deformed body.  Mark our words: In the next few years, Biden and Company will crank up the presses even faster. They will print more new money than any administration to date.




You don’t just have to take our word for this, just look at what some of the key players on the international stage are doing:

Despite long-term tensions with the USA, China spent the last twenty years or so buying massive numbers of US government bonds. This reached a record in May 2011, when China owned a staggering $1.3 trillion of US debt.

Since then, however, China has steadily wound down its exposure to the dollar. The Communist giant cannot do this too quickly, because to spark a dollar crash would be to throw away vast amounts of money. But by the end of 2020 China had reduced her holdings of US Treasuries to a little over $1 trillion. At this point Chinese economist Xi Junyang announced that the country would aim to cut its holdings to $800 billion in ‘under normal circumstances.’

He explained the implications of that last caveat by warning that China might sell all of its U.S. bonds ‘in an extreme case, like a military conflict.’ Such a move would cause an overnight dollar crash; it would mean China taking a huge short-term hit to its financial reserves, but the loss of the U.S. dollar’s reserve currency and privileged status would have an even bigger impact on the USA.

This is one of the risks of the super hawkish foreign policies telegraphed right at the start of the Biden regime, when the incoming puppet President’s cabinet was packed with neo-con desk warriors just itching for confrontation with Russia, China and Iran.

Given this background, China is sure to continue to sell off US government debt as quickly as can be done without spooking the markets. But this is not the only visible preparation for the coming acceleration in the depreciation and collapse of the Fed’s toxic fiat dollar.

In recent years, China has poured money into building up gold reserves. The communist giant has invested heavily in new and improved mines, making her the largest producer of gold by far. Simultaneously, the government has taken steps to ensure that virtually no gold leaves China. With a combination of massive state reserves and encouraging her population to own physical gold privately, China is the greatest hoarder of gold on the planet.

Russia has been responding to the growing instability of the dollar in the same way. For the past few years Russia has been the number one global purchaser of bullion, spending over $40 billion to bring Moscow’s reserves to the highest level ever. Even before the ancestral Russophobia of Biden’s overwhelmingly Jewish foreign policy team ratcheted up tensions, Russia was not only developing the most effective military machine on the planet, but was also pouring money into gold, investing a sum close to the annual military budget in this strategic asset.

In the first few weeks of the Biden regime, Russia’s gold holdings passed its dollar reserves for the first time, reaching a sum of $583 billion as the de-dollarisation programme gained momentum.

It is vital for Americans, and the inhabitants of US puppet regimes such as the UK, to understand that such things are not signs of the Chinese and Russians being in some way bad, or aiming to do the West down by bringing back the Cold War.

This is true not just because the warmongering sabre-rattling has consistently come from not from Moscow or Beijing, but from the Washington Deep State. It was, for example, the Obama regime which staged the most blatant coup in the modern world (up until the Biden effort by the very same people) in Ukraine as part of the plan to encircle and destroy the newly re-Christianised Russia.

Even more important, blame for the coming collapse of the dollar – and the pain this will inflict on ordinary Americans – lies firmly at the feet of the Washington/Wall Street elite. It wasn’t the Chinese or Russian governments which responded to the Banksters’ Crisis of 2008 by letting the printing presses rip.

The Chinese Communist Party has undoubtedly played a role in encouraging the United Nations’ decarbonisation mania as part of a long-term plan to overtake the industrial capacity of the West. Likewise, the Covid-19 variant of the flu may indeed have emerged in China.

 Yet the decision to use climate change and ‘just another flu’ as excuses to ‘de-develop’ America and the rest of the West was made not by the Chinese, the Russians or Little Green Men. It was made by our own liberal elite, for reasons we have already explored.

So when a crashing dollar and out of control inflation obliterate their savings, tear holes in their pensions and standard of living, turn basic foodstuffs into luxuries, unleash waves of foreclosures and ruin entire communities, don’t let the elite play the old trick of deflecting your anger onto the ‘wicked foreigners’. Because the guilty parties are much closer to home, and the Biden regime and its corporate and media cronies are the worst of the lot.