The Double Standards of New Sodom

The Double Standards of New Sodom

Double-standards which are beyond sickening. That's what we see as we look in dismay at the ruins of Western civilisation as these dark times play themselves out.

Here's a truly shocking example:

In the Palm Beach Post, we learn of a pick-up truck driver who defaced an offensive and unChristian LGBTQ+ poster. The public spirited patriot was forced to plead guilty to two charges and is going to have to pay $12,000 to replace the disgusting billboard.

Almost simultaneously, the European Court of Human Rights overturned the sentence handed down to a feminist harridan for a truly revolting act of blasphemy. The ECHR is the Supreme Court not only of the entire European Union, but also still in the United Kingdom.

The liberal activist judges running the show found in favour of the lesbian activist, ruling that her human right to freedom of expression had been violated when she was convicted in a lower court for a demonstration in a Catholic church. She had barged her way in and jumped - topless - on the altar. There she simulated performing a DIY abortion, while also urinating.

Mamy shocked right-wing critics complained that the judges would never have dared to hand down such a decision if she had done such a thing in a mosque. That, however, is very much missing the point. The crux of the matter is that Muslims would never tolerate such blasphemy against their religion. They are not the ones to blame and, in a way, the judges are not either. The real problem is the pathetic lack of faith and resolve to protect that faith among European Christians. Why would anyone expect a gaggle of atheist judges to lift a finger to protect Christianity from blasphemy if Christians themselves can't be bothered to act?